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This RPG site is exactly like the books by Ally Carter!!!
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There will be a GG6 no dates yet! Very Happy

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 December "Ace" Kempton

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December Kempton

December Kempton

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PostSubject: December "Ace" Kempton   Sun Jun 30, 2013 4:12 pm

Name: December Noel Kempton
Code name: Ace
Academy Status: Freshman
Gender: Female

December’s body is shaped in a long and lean silhouette, she has little muscle, which is obvious through her small portray though she is undoubtfully strong. She has lenghty brunette shaded curly hair that ends just above her belly button. Her hair parts slightly more on the right side of her hair where her bangs use to start though over years have grown out to the regular length of her hair. In the light December's hair gives off the illusion it has lighter brown high lights. Her eyes are a stunning pale brown that is speckled with deep gold crystals in which blends with the polish tint and light sun kissed skin with few almost invisible freckles that dot her arms.

December is extremely temper mental, usually mixed with her adamant attitude and her exclusive charisma. She's consistently on high edges, and industrious for distinct affairs. Her art for discovery is what keeps her mentality distinguishing. She's extremely determined and actuate when she focuses her mind on certain ambitions she aspires to acquire. She is quite mischievous and doesn’t give in easily. Hard to figure out December is quite he troublesome.
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December "Ace" Kempton
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